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Aims and Objectives


The Northern Ireland Piping and Drumming school aims to develop an awareness and an expertise in piping and drumming, particularly in Northern Ireland, and to create a climate of acceptance of all forms of pipe and drum music within the world of music in general.


The school aims to provide the highest standards of tuition in theory of music and in practical playing and to develop an appreciation of music as an art form It therefore seeks to produce players with an appreciation of music in all its aspects and the ability to communicate that appreciation to others whether they are exponents or simply listeners.  


The school seeks to provide teaching and research material which can fulfil its stated aims and to produce teachers who can widen the work of the school. The school also aims to produce performers who can compete at the highest level, thus constantly raising and maintaining the standards of musical performance and appreciation.


In pursuit of these aims the school also seeks to build confidence and self-esteem in all of its students and to enable them to develop to their full potential all of their skills,  abilities and ambitions, whilst recognising their limitations and the abilities and limitations of others.

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